Aquinas College is a Roman Catholic School; therefore all of its teachings are in accordance with the spiritual and moral standards of the Roman Catholic Church. It is the philosophy of this school that all students should be concerned with their spiritual, mental, physical, social and educational growth. This is paramount so as to instill in our students Christian principles and values that will enable them to take their rightful places in the Bahamian society and the world at large.

Mission Statement

The Administration and staff of Aquinas College are concerned with the spiritual, mental, physical, social and educational growth and development of all of our students. This concern is of the greatest importance so as to instill good Christian principles and values, thus helping to assure and prepare them to take their places not only in our Bahamian society but the world at large.

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Check and Register for your SAT 2019

The SAT is a standardized test meant to show schools how prepared our students (Grade 11 and 12) are for college by measuring key skills like reading comprehension, computational ability, and clarity of expression. 

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School education is important, no one can deny it! Many view it as tidious, some frustrating, and others heartbreaking. The Walls of Aquinas College have watched us mature and flourish despite our many trials and tribulations. We soon found out that these experiences were to prepare us for the next step.

When we entered 7th grade, our hearts beat with excitement and terror. The experience was one many of us were not used to. Faced with the scary task of making new friends, adapting study schedules and always aiming to please those around us. These decisions which contributed to our confidence and urge to preserver. Many made and lost friends, truly getting a taste of what high school life would feel like.