Tuition and special fees for Aquinas College total $1,550.00 and are due three times during the academic year, on or before the following dates:

Term 1: June 30
Term 2: December 1
Term 3: March 1

All new students must pay a one time, non-refundable and non-transferable capital development fee of $500.00.


Option 1–Annual Payment
Annual payment in advance with 10% discount on the tuition only. (The total payment must be received by August 31.)

Option 2–Payments by Term
All payments must be made before the first day of each term. First term for the following year must be made by June 30.

Option 3–Payment Plan
Payment plans must be arranged before the close of the school year for the following year. The first payment must be made by June 30 and the final payment made by March 31.

Option 4–Credit and Debit Card Payments
Credit Card and Debit Card payments. Credit and debit card payments may be made at the Catholic Education Centre.

Option 5–Online Payments


Please see instructions below for school fee payment options for online banking with FCIB or RBC.

FCIB School Fee payments:
Account Name:  RCANB Special Catholic School Account
Bank Transit Number & Account Number: 097861126917 (Palmdale)
Account Type:  Checking

RBC School fee payments:
Account Name: RCANB Catholic Education Centre
Bank Transit Number & Account Number: 057452897445 (Palmdale)
Account Type:  Checking


*If you do not have online banking with FCIB or RBC then you should use your respective bank’s internet banking OR mobile app to do a third party online transfer/interbank transfer to FCIB or RBC.


The policy of the Catholic Board of Education regarding tuition refund is as follows:

 If a student leaves within 1 – 2 weeks from the start of the term, the parent is entitled to a 75% refund on the tuition only.

 If a student leaves within 3 – 4 weeks from the start of the term, the parent is entitled to a 50% refund on the tuition only.

If a student leaves after 4 weeks from the start of the term, there is NO REFUND.

***Capital development fees and special fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Families with more than three children enrolled will receive a 10% discount on the third child’s fees.