Alma Mater

Alma Mater, we’ll be loyal,
hail Aquinas hear our praise,
Through the towns and through the cities,
high above our sacred flame we’ll raise.
Pressing toward our goal with spirit,
in the price of joyous youth;
Proving words with Christian actions,
bearing on the Torch of Truth.

High our hopes, and high our courage,
in each true Aquinas soul;
Side by side we’ll strive and conquer,
till we reach our final goal.
Through the storm and through the sunshine,
though our paths be smooth or steep.
Alma Mater, we’ll be loyal ever the flame of faith we’ll keep.

Hymn to St. Thomas

Saint Thomas Angel of Schools to you we raise up our voices in song;
Our shield for youth is emblazed in truth as hearts that are pure and strong
Your spirit when nigh is a torch lifted high to guide us to do and to care.
Go forth we will while fighting still to gather the fruits of prayer.

Go forth we will to do God’s will empowered by the light of his grace.
The Bahamian flag will fly aright when the cross will hold it in its place.
Then Dominic’s son, Christ’s cause is won by the youth of the torch and the shield.
And Our Lady Mary will plead in love as her rosary scepter wields.