Aquinas College – 1st Runner Up in the National Education Good Practice Awards

On Monday, February 6, 2017, Aquinas College was declared the 1st Runner-Up winner at the prestigious Ministry of Education National Education Good Practice Awards Ceremony.  This N.E.G.P.A. Award is an event of the Inter-American Meeting of Education Ministers. All entrants were required to submit a project/program in Action Areas on a variety of prescribed topics. 

Aquinas College’s winning entry was on the Integrated Technical and Vocational Program which aims to merge technical and vocational studies with traditional education.  The program explores introductory studies and skills in engineering. It dispels gender bias mindset in the workforce and it provides students with opportunities to partner with industry stakeholders.  It also enhances the continuous needs of the labour market.

This was a wonderful display of the learning experience at Aquinas College.


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