AQUINAS College is gearing up for its 60th anniversary celebrations in the new year, with a number of events planned to mark the milestone in the life of the historic and influential institution.

The launch event for the anniversary – the theme for which is “Ever the Flame of Faith” – is scheduled for January.

Aquinas College boasts a rich history and, for years, has made significant contributions to the community. At the invitation of Bishop Paul Leonard Hagarty, OSB, five Dominican Sisters arrived in Nassau in December, 1956, to begin preparations for a teacher training school. Aquinas College opened the following month in the old Hibiscus Inn on Montrose Avenue. In 1958, in addition to teacher training, the Sisters began giving evening classes in English, Mathematics and Business. Students took BJC and RSA examinations, and those who were successful were among the first black Bahamians to assume positions of employment on Bay Street.  Read more . . .

Full Credits to the Tribune


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